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May 06, 2008



The idea of Waldkindergärten is great.. I never went to kindergarten at all as i live in a village, but i have great memories on days spent in the woods, on my grandma's garret, etc. :) and learning in the woods would be even better..

Few years ago i had an opportunity to work with one of the beginners of Waldkindergarten. I was a volunteer in NMUS project which brought together childern form Germany and Poland separated by a river in the city of Goerlitz. Another great idea... http://www.nmus.de/index.html


Thank you darja for posting your experience. I would be happy to read more about the project. You are welcome to contribute your story. I hope we will soon get something similar in Slovenia...with all the forests in the country, it seems the most reasonable idea :-)

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