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April 10, 2008



you summed up well how one feels as what is crucial to do when those dark 'down' days come. I would only add that it was very helpful for me to talk to the LLL consultant Karmen who helped me believe that there's nothing wrong with my milk. I would suggest everyone to call the LLL when they lack the confidence themselves...


Thanks Tanja. I really forgot that one. But I still remember how much it helped you to talk to Karmen this summer :-))) I've added it to the list already. And there is one more I should add...call Tanja, hehe. We really helped each other in the last couple months. And we were lucky that we never had the "bad days" at the same time, so we kept supporting each other. Thank you so much!

Doc Posh from LiquidVitaminAnswers.com

This is simply an excellent article full of valuable information.

As a wholistic pracitioner, I send many of my breast feeding patients to a lactation consultant in order to insure that baby receives the full benefits of a natural breast fed diet.

Keep the good information coming.

Doc Posch


Dear Doc Posch, thanks for your comment. I can see that more and more mothers are breastfeeding here in Europe and even extended breastfeeding is better accepted among people.

Retro Jordans

Your article give me a lot helpful message, no doubt a valuable blog. Best wishes to you.

John A

Just to add to this, my wife eats, or drinks miso soup. It had generated the glands thus producing breast milk. Sometimes it was too much however my children were very contented.

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