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May 15, 2007



We have bought the bike! :) It really is great. I have had some doubts becouse of the prise - my doubt was: what if I buy this bike and then Vasja won't even look at it ... BUT, he is thrilled about it. I bought him an aluminium one: it's lighter, it has breaks and ... it looks as a real bike. (though I like more the design of the wooden one) So Vasja is now two and a half years old and maybe it's too bad, that I haven't bought it sooner. But never the less - he has it now and rides it as much as possible (also in the appartement).

My suggestion: buy it.



Sasa, great to read that he likes the bike. I hear more and more parents with similar experience. It seems this bike is really made for kids :-) When is the best age to buy it? Let us know how it works after couple of weeks. I am sure Vasja will become a biking professional by than.


Fantastic Designs
These bikes are great. here's video of my 2-6 year old on a Buga-bike. I totally recommend them.
Buga-bike by Sabamba ltd 1999.
(VIDEO)Buga-bike bicycle for toddlers
It really is the perfect bike for a toddler and I am constantly telling other parents where I got it!

link video: [[Video(http://www.bugabike.com/video/sample2playlist/wooden_bike.flv, {width:425, height:350})]]http://www.bugabike.com/video/sample2playlist/sampleplaylist.html


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