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May 25, 2007



It's kind of dangerours using the expression "to forget having a baby" for parent, whose child wears diapers.

Also, it's kind of very dangerous talking about special connection of a parent, who is constantly focused on baby's peeing and is training the baby to pee (in a sink???) every 30-45 minutes using pee-song.

Could you tell us more about the goal of this pee-project of yours?

Don't' you think you could have "read" your baby using "standard" parenting methods - to be close to him, to feel him, to understand his physical and emotional needs?


Dear Alenka,
I am really sorry that you got such a message from our story. It is meant as a motivation for my friends and other parents who want to try diaper-free life but do not have the courage to start.

Elimination communication is just the oposite from any kind of baby training.Those of you who read my blog know that I deeply discourage any use of baby training methods. EC is just the most natural communication between mother and a baby that has been used for thousands years and is still a prevailing way in large parts of the world.

I believe that parents allways do what they believe is best for their children and I have no intention whatsoever to judge enyone's parenting practices. I just want to open other options, like my dear friends are doing it for me. I am allways happy when I hear or read inspiring stories that show me alternatives. And than is up to me and my family to decide what is best for us.

I agree, there many ways to build attachment that are much more crucial than elimination communication. However, natural infant hygene is definitely not just a way of dealing with pees and poops. It can be carried deeper into the relationship with your child. Many parents who practice EC agree on this.

You might enjoy the Diaper free book by Ingrid Bauer or simply try EC on your own. Than you might understand what I was writing about.

I wish you an exciting journey of parenting and all the best for you and your family,


I have a question: how do you deal with peeing at night? Do you wake Jun at certain hours or ...?



Hey Sasa, thanks for the question. When we started EC we used it during the day and than used a diaper during the night. When we realised it works we started using it during the night, too. When Jun wakes up for nursing I take him to the toilet (without turning on the main light) and usually he doesn't even completely awake so it is not too hard to lul him back to sleep while nursing. He is not a good sleeper and he still awakes quite frequently. So, I never wake him up and I rather wait for him to wake me. In general we are very flexible for our "night arrangements". While travelling for example we use the diapers during the night, because it is not really nice to have the "accident" in someone else's bed. I hope this helps. What is your experience with EC?


Vasja is now 2,5 years old, so I can't really say I'm working on EC ... He's without diapers during the day for 3 months now. The problem is during the night: he sleeps really well (since january) and in the morning his diaper is wet. I've tried to wake him around midnight once, but he was really shocked and he was all shaking and of course he couldn't pee ... I'm just wondering if there is a hint in EC method, how to get rid of diapers during the night ...
LP, Saša


Hi there,
I have a 7.5 month old girl named Lacey. I have always used cloth nappies and last week I decieded to buy a potty for her because she wasn't pooing in her nappy and I would see she needed to go and lie her down open her nappy and then she'd poo. The first time I put her on the potty she pooed, I couldn't believe my eyes. After researching on the net I found out about EC and started making a sound (pssss-psss) when she wee'd on the potty too. The first day I only changed her nappy 2 times!!
I find it much harder to "read" Lacey when we are busy and out of the house and she won't go when I just hold her over the toilet but I am "hooked" as they say and love that I can help her even more with natural infant hygene.
Thanks for your blog, I'm going to go and read it all!

Loralee Dulany

Oh yes! I've observed how my niece behaves when she's taking a bath, and changing diapers and clothes. They totally know their mothers well. Hahaha! They do have a unique bond, even though the other half still can't talk.

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