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February 07, 2007



I really need to comment this article as I was using baby signs for one year. On my opinion it is a great method to communicate with child, when he/she is not speaking yet. It is proved that children of deaf parents sign already the whole sentences at the age of one year! While using a voice, they can hardly articulate some words. That proves that the problem is actually articulation of the word.
I’ve heard of this method from my good friend. She also explained it to me, so I haven’t read any special literature about it.
Here are the basing things I was holding on to:
- Parents should start to sign to baby at baby’s 8 months (or earlier; I’ve started at my son’s 6 months, so when he had 9 months, he already showed me a few signs).
- Start with one or two signs and when baby starts using it/them, add a new one.
- Try to limit signs to the most basic, but important things as eating, slipping, helping (I was using signs for breastfeeding and drinking, then I added “more”, eating, sleeping - he never wanted to show that one to me!, “help me-sign”, bird, cat; but he started to talk really early so there was no need to add any more signs).
- You can use your own signs or try to find them from handbooks for learning signs.
- Oh, and yes!, of course, when you show the sign you also say the word: exp. You show sign for breastfeeding and ask loudly Do you want some milk? And then you start breastfeeding (learning-phase); when child will be able to show the sign, he/she will show it.
- There's really less frustration of child and of parents.

I hope you’ll enjoy signing with your baby

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