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December 06, 2006



I totally agree with these ideas. I have not yet listened to the speech on creativity and education but already as a new teacher I know that this is very important to met to incorporate into my lessons. I am going to be teaching younger grades and I think it's one of the simplest activities that are forgotten and thus ignoring a whole side of the child's brain. Creativity develops ideas, helps children bare their souls without having to ' talk about themselves' and so on.
Thank you for this article!


This is very interesting and inspiring. Unfortunately thoughts like this usually fill u up with enthusiasm about doing something different in your life but usually you end up doing nothing. We believe a child is a chance to stop that tradition. It's an inspiration for Mare and me now when we are blessed with a gorgeous little girl of our own.


I couldn't agree more. It takes a lot of courage to follow our dreams. But when we do, we are rewarded with an incredible inspiration and energy.

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