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I am mom of two inspiring little boys, who brought a completely new dimension into my life. I am 32 and I have dedicated an important part of my life to science. I have studied at the University of Ljubljana, have spent a year as an exchange student in France and half year as a visiting PhD student in Denmark. I am now working as a Assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU) and have been visiting at Stanford University during my stays in California.

After finishing my PhD on collective learning I was slowly getting used to "normal life" again, but late working hours while boys are asleep were not gone for long. All of my extra energy has been dedicated to my big passion- parenting. I have co-founded a project called Familylab Slovenia (

I was tired of parenting books that offer simplified methods most of which are aimed at controlling children’s behavior. I want our family life to be an ongoing learning experience, where we all get to know each other as we are- with all the emotions on the spectrum and to learn how to live together and support each other in everyday life. In Family-Lab we do not believe in simplified methods but in principles and values such as personal integrity, equal dignity, responsibility and authenticity. I am lucky to work with such brilliant thinker and visionary as danish family therapist Jesper Juul and other members of the Familylab team.

I am thankful to live with a wonderful man, who has dedicated his life to entrepreneurship and is teaching me every day that the only constant in life is change. Life with him is a constant challenge but also a big joy and an incredible source of inspiration. And he is the person I really want to share my life with. And I can be sure it will always be full of surprises. The latest adventure was to move the whole family to Silicon Valley, make our second home there and live between Europe and US for a while.

We share a big passion for science, technology and art and it is no surprise that we are both big fans of the TED. But what I appreciate most is that we share our life views.

I have always believed that parenting is just the most natural thing in our life. And it indeed is, but this doesn't mean that we shouldn't be reading and educating ourselves about it. I believe in an ongoing process of mutual learning in the family, which helps us and our kids to develop and grow.

In this blog I will share with you interesting scientific studies, articles and my own thoughts and ideas about pregnancy, birth, parenting, childhood, education and many other things that matter in life.

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You can read about my PhD journey here